It's pretty simple:

1. You create game or join game.

2. The system calculates your tickets. For example, if your item is worth value 1, you get 100 tickets, but if you deposit a skin worth value 10, you get 1000 tickets, and so on.

3. The maximum number of items per player is 12 per game. The minimum value for the items in a given bet is value 0.01.

4. The game ends after 10 second have passed.

5. Commission system 5 percent.

6. The time it takes to add your deposit to the game varies from 5 to 20 seconds. In rare cases it may take more time because there are a large number of players in the queue or because the Steam system is running slowly.

7. Each time when you send us items you agree with the website's rules.

8. Bets only items (skins) for CS2 (CS:GO) are accepted. Other items not be accepted.


We do not store any user data other than Steam user logins and inventory links.

Users's icons and nicknames are available to all users of the service in real time.